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Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects
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2514 JL The Hague

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1052 Budapest
Petőfi Sándor utca 11.

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Bijvanck center

In 2005 we were selected by the Blaricum municipality to develop a vision and design for the new center of district Bijvanck. In the centre of this district, the location of the outdated mall and the demolished sportshall we designed a new attractive center.

The Bijvanck is a spacious green area designed in the seventies. Most houses are oriented with their back to the main roads and also the current mall is introspective with many blank walls on the outside. In the new plan the central function of the Bijvanck is strengthened by making it extrovert instead of introvert. The area gets more attractive, vibrant and safer by adding apartments to the center as well. With the arrival of new residents the parking pressure will increase. Therefore a large car parks is built under the complex for the residents.

The new plan contains two phases. The construction of the first phase at the site of the former sports hall has already been completed. In this phase, 30 apartments together with various social functions on the ground floor are build. In the second phase the existing mall will be replaced.

The apartments are housed in two blocks: a block of twelve smaller apartments and a block of eighteen flexible, comfortable apartments. The apartments have spacious on the sun-oriented terraces.

Tough volumes in red and purple brick with white frames and strong accents give the center its own identifiable character. The plinth consists of lots of glass. The social functions contribute to the lively atmosphere of the square.


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