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Wheermolen: housing and health care for elderly

The revitalisation area Wheermolen, close to the city centre of Purmerend is enclosed by a railway and a main boulevard, the Churchilllaan. The site is divided in three parts: the Park zone, the Green Fingers and the Triangle. The Park zone in the north, along the railway, forms an island. It can be reached by pedestrians and cyclists over four bridges. Two of these bridges also make the island accessible by car. On the island a long strip of apartment buildings are blocking the railway noise. This strip of residential buildings shows a big variety of apartments in one uniform composition. Divided in three volumes it forms two openings overlooking the Green Fingers. 

On the South of the Green Fingers the Triangle completes the revitalisation. In the centre of the Triangle a eye shaped mix-used composition gives room to 120 apartments to rent and for sale, a gym and a school.  The curved building embraces an intimate courtyard for the school and is embedded nicely in the public park.

The care home Wheermolen, situated in the "parkzone", is a landmark in its district and is placed near the entrance of the area. The program consists of approximately 100 houses for the elderly, 42 health care apartments, with public facilities, a neighbourhood support centre and a community centre of approximately 900 m2. The senior apartments are located around the healthcare apartments, with their individual private entrance. By including indoor connections however, these homes can receive outpatient care from the inner care centre.

The community centre, the neighbourhood support centre and the public facilities are situated on the ground floor. These functions for the whole district have an open character. On the private and green side of the building a terrace on the water and a green garden are created.

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